Derby Education Foundation

Derby Education Foundation Grant Process

The mission of the Derby Education Foundation is to secure private and corporate funding for innovative educational endeavors which are not otherwise funded by local, state or federal monies.

Q: Who my apply for a Derby Education Foundation Grant?

A: Any Derby Public School employee or partnering organization who is directly involved with students within the district.

Q: What criteria are used when considering grant proposals?
A:  The project/program must meet the mission of the Foundation. (see above)

  • Funding through normal channels is not available
  • Proposal represents an innovative approach
  • Proposal falls within the broad categories identified and supported by the Foundation
  • Financial Literacy
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Experts in the Classroom
  • Scholarships
  • Other innovative approaches/programs
  • Providing for the underserved
  • Number of students impacted

Q:  What is the process for applying?
A:  Complete the Derby Education Foundation grant application.  Form should be electronically submitted via the online grant proposal form or via e-mail at

Proposal will be reviewed by the DEF board of directors and District Curriculum office.

Response will be delivered within 90 days unless otherwise indicated.

Q:  What accountability is expected?

  • Information on program effectiveness
  • Two (2) photos of the program in progress for use in Foundation literature

Grant monies may not be used to fund:
  • Direct compensation for district employees
  • Materials/equipment unrelated to specific program or project

Q:  What are some projects/programs that have been funded in the past?

  • Assistive technology for Special Education classroom
  • EverFi software for Financial Literacy
  • Transportation funds for The Wichita Children’s Theater
  • Scholarships for Camp Invention

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