Derby Education Foundation

Grant Application

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The Derby Education Foundation is pleased and proud to award monetary grants to USD 260 teachers, programs and students. The following grant policies and guidelines have been put into place to insure an equitable distribution of funds.
  1. The Derby Education Foundation will attempt to award approximately $2,500.00 each grant period.
  2. While grant applications may be submitted at any time, grant awards will occur twice a year in August and again in January.
  3. Under extreme and unusual circumstances where funding must occur in a timely manner the board of directors may waive this requirement. The grant applicant must provide sufficient reason why the grant is worthy and the reason for the urgent funding request.
  4. The maximum amount that will be awarded is $1,000.00 per application. The exception to this may be approved by the board of directors for such programs as our partnership with Verus bank and the financial literacy program.
  5. There must be a three-year gap between grant awards for any teacher, program or student.
  6. Once a grant has been approved, an evaluation of the grant program must be submitted at least annually. Updates and photos will be expected throughout the grant program.
  7. No grant will be considered with out a completed grant application form having been submitted.

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